SSL Don’t Shop Without It!!

Secure Shopping from VSL

Our online shopping customers will be pleased to hear the news that we have added a SSL certificate to increase your online shopping security. From 2018 ALL online eCommerce stores will need to comply with enhanced secure shopping for their users, we at VSL, think you shouldn’t have to wait!

How Does It Work?

Basically it’s no different from how you currently interact with a site, you enter the URL address, DNS records look up the IP address of the site and request a secure SSL connection from the server on which the site is installed. The site, in our case, responds with a valid SSL certificate and then a secure encryted data link is made between you, the shopper, and the site, the eStore.

How Can I Tell The Site is Secure?

When you connect to a site, if it has a valid secure SSL certificate set up, you will see a padlock in the top lefthand corner your browser window and the letters HTTPS will be shown before the web site address instead of the usual HTTP for non-SSL site.

Enjoy Peace of Mind Whilst Shopping on Our Secure eCommerce Online Store!


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