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New Ethernet PLCs Now Available

Feature Rich New Ethernet PLCs PR-12DC-DA-R-N PR-12AC-R-N PR-18DC-DAI-R-N PR-18AC-R-N PR-18DC-DAI-TN-NPackaged with Features Built-in SD Slot for SD Card Logging Built-in Web Server MQTT Protocol for IIoT Applications Modbus RTU and Modbus/TCP Support as Master and Slave Multiple Ethernet Individual Sessions (Max. 8) Built-in RS485 Port (Except PR-18AC-R-N) Low Cost Ethernet PLC!!!!

Which expansion units work with which PLC CPU’s?

NOTE: The Economy 6-series and Standard 12-series CPU’s can not be expanded! For the ELC-18, ELC-22, ELC-26, PR-12, PR-14, PR-18, PR-24 and PR-26 CPU’s then you would use the expansion modules whose part number begins ELC-E- and/or PR-E-. For the EXM and ELC-12 Ethernet CPU’s, you require the expansion modules whose part number begins ELC12-ERead More