Which expansion units work with which PLC CPU’s?

NOTE: The Economy 6-series and Standard 12-series CPU’s can not be expanded! For the ELC-18, ELC-22, ELC-26, PR-12, PR-14, PR-18, PR-24 and PR-26 CPU’s then you would use the expansion modules whose part number begins ELC-E- and/or PR-E-. For the EXM and ELC-12 Ethernet CPU’s, you require the expansion modules whose part number begins ELC12-ERead More

I have changed the ID of my EXM-E expansion unit but the CPU won’t communicate. What’s wrong?

NOTE: All expansion unit addresses MUST be UNIQUE and MUST be set before applying supply to connected CPU! Don’t panic, there’s nothing wrong! By default the EXM and ELC-12 Ethernet CPU’s have their COM ports configured for an RS485 expansion unit. To enable the CPU to use EXM-E expansion units you need to enable theRead More

My PC Software Can’t Communicate with the CPU When Using USB Cable. Why?

There are a number of things that would cause this issue. If it’s the first time you have used your USB cable with the PC, please ensure you have the correct USB driver installed. Use your PC’s Device Manager and you should see something like this: If not download the driver from our Download sectionRead More